bartonville asylum

In 1995 I worked for a short time at the former Peoria State Hospital – also known as the Bartonville Insane Asylum. I spent a few days in the tunnel system below the 200-acre grounds and was inspired then to write about it. The tunnels were dark, eerie, and definitely burned into my memory. 20 years later I decided it was time to write the Six novel and also an album of the same name with my band Low Twelve. We tell the Six story in music and lyric form to produce a presentation of concussive impact!

The story for the album and my novel is based at the old hospital. The story is pure fiction and not based on any true events or real people. A very violent and disturbed patient at the hospital, nicknamed Six, escapes in 1967 and goes on a bloody rampage to southern Illinois before being captured by police. He leaves behind a wake of dead bodies and is executed in 1973 – the same year the hospital is closed down.

25 years later the old hospital is re-opened as a modern day drug and alcohol rehab. During the renovations, the maintenance supervisor Stanley Keske, comes across an old patient file for Six. He takes the file home and obsesses about it. He has violent dreams about Six and as weeks go by, he slowly becomes Six. Stanley ventures out at night to kill for Six. He is being groomed for a final bloody act that Six believes will even the score with the one person he didn’t get to exact revenge upon in 1967. The story has many twists and turns before it concludes in a bloodbath of an ending!

The Low Twelve album writing for Six began in 2014 and as the songs fell into place, the novel began in May of 2015 – concluding in January 2016. Telling the story from multiple angles will give the reader/listener one hell of a bloody experience.