Pete Altieri was born in Bronx New York and spent much of his childhood in Bethel Connecticut. He currently lives in Central Illinois with his wife Sheilie. They have two adult children and two grandchildren. He attended Western Connecticut State University and is a disabled US Army veteran who served during the Desert Storm era with the famed 7th US Cavalry at Fort Hood Texas.

Pete began writing in 4th grade and has been writing in one form or another ever since. He’s written hundreds of short stories, one novella, and recently conpleted writing his first novel “Six”. His style is unique, blending suspenseful thrillers with various elements of popular fiction.

Pete is also a voracious reader, and among his favorites are Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, HP Lovecraft, William Peter Blatty, Erik Larson, Nelson DeMille, Greg Iles, and Alexandre Dumas.

He is also a professional musician, songwriter, lyricist, and music producer. Pete plays bass and sings for the heavy metal band Low Twelve. Low Twelve has finished recording their “Six” album that is based on the same story line as Pete’s new novel. They have had songs featured on horror movies such as “Butcher Boys” and “Jigsaw” among others. Pete’s lyrics appeared in the book “Touched By a Hero” that was written about hero Rick Rescorla who saved 2,700 people at the World Trade Center on 9/11.